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Jacquelyn Turner

Jacquelyn Turner, Owner

From an early age, Jacquelyn Turner has had a passion for home décor and interior design. Prior to pursuing her passions, Jacquelyn worked in the hospitality industry in a few capacities including at The Royal Palms Resort in event services, at The Phoenician as a front desk agent and VIP guest coordinator, and at Starwood Hotels as a front office manager. After working in Corporate America for several years, she decided it wasn’t for her anymore.

Visiting the White Mountains since she was born, Jacquelyn has always dreamt of living amongst the pine trees and small-town lifestyle. Although it was only two years ago since Jacquelyn made the Mountains her home, she is still a familiar face to many around town with long-established roots in the Mountains. Prior to opening Cottage & Cabin, Jacquelyn also worked at the local Morning Rose Flower Shop which served as a great experience meeting residents and understanding owning a small business.

Her parents moved up to Pinetop about twenty years prior. Her mother, Liz, owns Blue Apron Cooking School teaching classes out of her home, father George has been involved in several local organizations including serving as School Board President at Blue Ridge Unified School District and currently acting as President for Friends of C.A.S.A, and younger sister Mary who is a graduate from Blue Ridge.

Even though I work more hours as a small business owner now, it feels like a dream come true. I have always loved our time here and dare I say it, it has been my little Hallmark dream to live here.

— Jacquelyn Turner


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